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December 27, 2009
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Mmm…What a nice warmth…
How strange..Usually my base it's always so cold…
Doubtful, I slowly open my eyes, glancing around a bit confused.
No. This is definitly not my room…
So..Where am I?
My antennae perk up with curiosity, and doing so I realize that my wig is gone..I blink a few times, to find that my contacts are gone too.
I start to panic…
What am I doing in a room that's not mine without my disguise?? And…and naked?!??
I look carefully around, trying to understand where I ended up.
What are those…posters? About aliens? And…this large one? About….Mysterious Misteries?!?
Mmm…I don't remember having such things in my chamber..
Uff, why do I bother about these stupid things?
I'm in my bed sleeping…This is the only thing that matters.
Wait a second… I was forgetting a little detail... This is not my base… So this isn't my bed!!!
Oh my Tallest!!!
Where am I?!
I try to turn around, but a powerful arm prevents me to.
Oh my Tallest!!! It's the arm of one of those disgusting male earth-monkeys!!
My Tallest, what do I do???
Who's this one beside me??
And why I don't remember anything?!
Mmm…Maybe it's Keef that got me drunk and then dragged me in his bed…
Oh my Tallest…
I look more more carefully at this mysterious arm.
It can't be Keef's…If it was his, then it'll have disgusting clammy skin and it'll be full of horrible red hair…
But this arm has fair complexion..and the skin is so smooth, and it has sparse bla…
Oh my Tallest!!!
This hair is black!!!!
Don't tell me it's HIM?!
It'd be too good to be true…that it just CAN'T be..
And why I can't remember anything?
How is it possibile that for once in my life it happens something that I wished with all my heart, and I can't remember it?
Keep calm Zim, keep calm…
You don't already know if it's really him…
Well, but if it's not him, then who is this?
Heh, I'm certainly not the type who sleeps with the first person that happens to come along! I'm an Irken Invader!!And only the worthiest can have the privelege to sleep with the amazing Ziiiiiim!
So, excluding Keef and his evil drugging plans, who can this be?
Wait a second! I know! This could only be a dream! Now I turn around and I find that this had been only a dream…
Slowly I move the stranger's arm way, and I turn over, squeezing my eyes shut to not see.
I'm afraid to…
The unknown arm, like it is glued on me like a magnet, replaces back on my shoulder, clasping me a bit tighter…
Enough! It can't go on like this!
Oh my Tallest, it's not possibile that I don't remember anything…
I have to get to the bottom of this...
I narrow my eyes, opening them very slowly…And who I see in front of me is definitly not Keef!
It's…it's HIM!!
He's here, right in front of me, in the same bed, embracing me!
I blush a bit, half astonished, as I stare at him like hypnotized by the slow ascending and descending rythm of his bare chest.
I move my look up, lingering on his shapely human face, analyzing every little detail of it. From his dark hair like the deepest corner of the nocturnal sky, to every single pore of his pale skin…
He's sleeping so peacefully…Like a cute little smeet…
But there's something in his hug…I don't know..
It makes me feel safe and protected…Not a common protection like the one that my spiderlegs and my pak give to me or any other physical protection or defense, or the certainty that my military importance as an Irken Invader always gave to me…No, it's something different, related to something inside me that I never thought I had.
But at the same time…it's like he's holding on me to not fall…
Like if I was his buoy in middle of the sea. Strange that I made that comparison…I smile slightly, amused by it…
My Tallest…How much I love him…
But I never told him. Or maybe…I did yesterday and we ended up here, just like this…
But I don't remember…So this must definitly be a dream.
C'mon Zim! Convince yourself that if really happened something like that, surely you wouldn't have forgot it!
But it doesn't matter anyway.
If it's a dream, I want to stay here…
Here, among his arms. Here, to study every little detail of his gorgeous body…
I raise a hand, unsurely, moving his black hair away from his forehead, brushing it with the side of my hand before running the hair of his scythe through my claws, feeling the silk-like softness of it between them.
Oh my Tallest…He's awaking!
I retreat my hand immediatly, hiding it under the pillow, as I feel like a strange sensation in my squeedly-spooch, as if him, waking up, would put an end to all of this.
And I don't want to!!
Don't wake up, Dib-human!
I scream aloud in my head, as if he could hear me.
But I see him turning up his nose and screwing his eyes…
Oh well, even if it was short, it was the happiest moment of my Invader's life…
Farewell Dib!
I shut my eyes tightly…
I don't want to! I don't want to! I don't want to!
I wait several seconds, then I slightly narrow an eye…
I want to see the sad and cold reality, but I'm afraid of it…
Opening an eye, I have hold my breath…
What I see it's far from sad and cold!
Opening the other, the first thing I see are his own eyes looking in mines, staring with a burning intensity, vibrating with the power light and the mighty force of all the stars in outer space. And I can't help it but to helplessly lose myself in that immense universe, so big in a space so small. And soaked in that immensity, everything comes back to me…A blush creeps across my cheeks.
Have we really done those things? We two?
I hope so… >)
I close my eyes again for a few seconds, trying to get back to myself, to not get further lost in that golden maze.
I look up to him again, uncertain…I see that he's smiling at me…a warm, loving smile that makes my squeedly-spooch twist on itself like two or three times.
He gets a bit closer  to me, without taking his eyes off mines, keeping that kind smile on his face…
"…'Morning, love…"
He lets it out in a whisper….
Usually hate any of these nicknames, but…said by him…
In this way, with the warm breath sliding on my face…
In this bed…
I can't help it but melt all over myself.
And before I can realize, he is kissing me, sweetly.
Just like last night.
And suddenly everything has a sense again…
My Tallest…
How beautiful is reality.
Usually hate any of these nicknames, but…said by him…
In this way, with the warm breath sliding on my face…
In this bed…
I can't help it but melt all over myself.
And before I can realize, he is kissing me, tenderly.
Just like last night.
And suddenly everything have a sense again…
My Tallest…
How beautiful is reality.
This is ZADR (Zim and Dib romance...Yes, they're both male)!! So if you don't like this pairing, or you're just a xenohomophobic, just click the 'back' button. Please don't bother leave comments like "Eeew thiz is just gaaaaaaaay" or "Homosexuality is a sin" or other crap like that, thank youuu! I'm not forcing you to read this or something like that, so leave us fans alone...Thanks! ^^
Anyway hi everyone!! It's been a long time since I uploaded something here on Da! >.<
Anyhoooooow, I've been through a difficult period in these last days (depression, lack of self trust on myself and my skils etc etc), but I kept practicing and practicing on my writing while doing my RP with *LierMagician, before coming up with something acceptable....
So I'd like to dedicate this fic to *LierMagician and ~amberkitty123 for supporting me through this difficult moment for me...I lav you girlz!! :icongwompplz:
Anyway, since I always I write in the character of the Dib-stink, I wanted to write something on Zim's POV...I know in here he'll be a bit OOC, but he's cute when he's the one that is madly in love and he's all confused and stuff...So please forgive me the fluffyness...When I'm in depressed mood, I always feel like drawing/writing mushiness...Sorry if there are any mistakes...I tried to do my best with sentences construction and grammar...
Enough of talking!! Sorry if I bored you to death :P Enjoy the reading :XD:

Invader Zim © J.C.V
Story © Me :P
Inspiration © Coldplay (Thank you guys!! :heart:)
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invaderJMR Jun 19, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awww this is soo cute! i like you your style is!
SO. FUCKING. CHEESY!!!! XDDD (but the good kind ^w^) I was burning up the whole time! It was so sweet….gah, my stomach is still in knots. I want to cry from happiness and vomit at the same time… This is beautiful! ^o^
xXNiquaQuezXx May 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Genuine-Discord Jun 8, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
awww this is rlly good!!! faves!
InvaderRosIrken Jun 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
love it
girscuppycake May 20, 2011
love it
ClosetFan Apr 5, 2011  Professional Filmographer
This is cute. I'd say to leave out the emoticon, it distracts for the storytelling. When you write a serious fic, only use words. Also, read over it for mistakes in grammar.

Another thing I'd like to mention is that the last paragraph has repeated somehow? It was weird.
kk12x Feb 25, 2011  Student
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